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Photo Contest – Cutest Dog Contest

If you are a proud owner of a cute dog, it is a good idea to enter them into a photo contest or cutest dog contests. Dogs are naturally adorable and friendly animals, so instead of just letting them stay at home, why not show them off to everyone too? Entering your dog in a photo contest or cutest dog contest can be fun and enjoyable and you get the glory of being among the people who have a famous dog your dog is a winner.

cute great dane and kitten  cute kitten and great dane

Photo Contests for Pets How to join
Normally, there are several online websites which give contests every month; every competition may have a different theme. One famous photo contest for pets is the cutest dog contest which is usually issues on some websites once in a while. After all, people like looking at cute things and pets are really cute animals. Normal photo contests give out trophies and sashes for the winning dogs and a cash prize to the owner usually amounting to 1000$. Not only is it fun, you can earn from it too.

Kinds of Photo Contest for Pets

There are many kinds of photo contest for pets, so for those who are new to these things, here are a few contests which most pet clubs or online websites have done before and will likely do again. It is advisable to take note of these contests so you can better prepare yourself when the time comes.

cute fat cat  cute wrinkle puppy dog

Costume Theme: The Costume theme contests usually happen several times a year in many different areas and even during town fiestas or celebrations. People who like to dress up their dogs take advantage of this contest to go all out and really prepare an amazing costume for their pets and take a really good picture. Most pet owners like to dress their dogs in superhero costumes while some like to dress up their dogs in tutus and skirts. If you want to join this contest, you have to be prepared as this is the most popular pet contest out there.
Halloween Theme: This contest is also a costume themed, but of a different sort, while the normal costume theme competitions are all about beautiful costumes, a Halloween theme costume is usually full of pets dressing up as famous movie or book characters and the winning dog and owner must have a unique costume in order to get the prize.

cute husky puppy  cute husky dog
Cutest Pet Photo: This is a contest which is joined by millions of pet owners in the world. Everyone would like to upload and post pictures of their dogs in various cute positions, whether sleeping, cuddling with other animals and sometimes yawning. The general population will never be able to resist all the adorable photos and will likely vote again and again.
Monthly general contests: These types of contests are those with captions. For example, for the month of March, the caption given may be Smile, and pet owners will post or upload photos of their pets smiling. It is fun and enjoyable activity for families and their pets.

If you look diligently, you will find out there are so many available contests online which you and your pet can join. There is an endless need for cute pictures of animals online by people, are you going to deprive them of that?
Tips to winning Photo Contests for Pets

cute pet contest

There are pet owners who have been in this business for so long winning contests left and right, so for the newcomer, here are some tips on how get a better chances at winning. A well groomed dog has better chances of winning than dogs that look shabby and unmaintained. If you are a pet owner, make sure that your dog’s coat is always shiny and the nails safe and trimmed properly. If you have a pet with a long fur, it is advisable to shampoo and comb it a few times a month.Angle Timing is everything. Remember that this is a photo contest, angles and lighting play a big role in photographs. Just always remember the basics; the picture must not be blurred, dark or grainy. Also, it would help if the photo clearly shows the proper theme.Candid photographs are often received well by the general audience. Mostly because in candid photos, pets tend to look happy and at peace with everything.

Photo Contests for Pets are cool and if you have a dog or have recently acquired a new pet, by all means enter them into photo contests or cutest dog contest, there is no harm in joining and even if you don’t win, you do not really lose anything. But if you do win, not only do you win a cash prize, a trophy and other things, your pet will also get the deserved glory.

Dog Contests – A Basic Overview

Pets become a part of our life faster than we realize. These dog contests are an opportunity to show the world why your cute little dog is different and special than the others.In a dog contest the crucial thing is to capturing the best moments of your pet on camera.Having your pet pose for your camera is not going to be easy.Here are few tips that would help you to have a successful photo session with your dog.
1.Avoid Flash
Always try and use the natural light as using flash not only causes red eye but also might frighten the poor thing.Try to have your session outdoors or at least in a room which is well lit by a window.

cute pet contest
2.Capture their personality
Every dog is different and unique. Take time and sort out what character best defines your dog. Some are say adorably lazy and their best moments would be when they stretch out and yawn and do their sleepy stuff. Those pets are best photographed say in their bed. Some are hyperactive little things and they are best photographed when they are say jumping to retrieve frisbee in a park. So first have a fair idea what character of your dog you want to exhibit to the world through this dog contests.
3.Choose the best location
Choose the location where your dog is comfortable. It is advisable to have the session in a place where you and your dog spend some good moments. But take care that the backdrop of the photo doesn’t dominate the picture.Most times the plainest locations make the best background for a photo shoot.
4.Get help
Have somebody to assist you during the photo shoot for these dog contests. By this you can have somebody entertaining your pet while you are taking the photos. See to that this person is out of the frame which will make your shots are more natural.
5.Be patient
Patience is the key for animal photography. Be patient and wait for the right moment.
6. Get in close
Dogs come in all sizes but in most cases they are much smaller than us. So there is a high chance of the dog getting lost in the photographs unless you get in close to them. Its not easy with your dog moving around but it is necessary to have a close up shot. Alternatively you can use a good zoom lens.

cute cat and dog  cute dog rolling over
Dressing up your dog
Most dogs do not need extra clothing as they are gifted with natural fur. But if you like dressing up your dog take care to dress him/her with the current fashion.Take him along while shopping for him. It will help you decide what clothes would suit him most for the dog contest. Make sure you have the correct measurements of your dog and it is advisable to measure him while he is standing.Let the dress you choose match up the weather patterns. If the dog contest is held during summer then you might buy some thin clothes and if it is in a winter then warm clothes will be more fitting.Dogs habit is a major factor in choosing the fabric and color. Some dogs have the habits of chewing the clothing. So it is advisable to choose a material which won’t be allergic to him. Some dogs don’t roll much and can keep their clothes clean such dogs can be dressed up in white. A naughtier one can be decorated with dark colors. Above all ensure whether your dog is comfortable in his clothing.
These dog contests are really enjoyable and fun. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the beauty and talent of your dog to a wider audience. It will give your dog his deserved moment of fame.Most dog contests do not charge any entry fee and the prizes awarded are huge amounting to $1000 every month.If you are like most pet owners you think your dog is the best and he probably means the world to you. All the dog owners in these dog contests share one thing in common. They love their pets.Through these dog contests your dog would get a lot attention, recognition for his talents and a worldwide exposure.These dog contests are the perfect opportunity to shower your cherished dog with praise and gifts.So make sure you dress up your dog perfectly for this occasion and capture some of his great moments in camera and enter him into a dog contest right away and tell the world what a special little creature your dog is.